Frequently Asked Questions
What is a wedding consultant?
A wedding planner (consultant) is a professional whose training, expertise and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it possibly can be - and let you relax (as much as you can) and enjoy yourwedding. 
Can I afford a wedding planner?
A wedding planner is part of your budget, not an extra expense. In fact, you often save money because a consultant suggests less expensive alternatives that still enhance your wedding. Consultants often can obtain discounts from suppliers. Above all, the professional bridal consultant will work with you to produce your dream wedding, including the consultant’s fee, all within your budget. 
How can a wedding consultant help me?
In addition to helping make your wedding dreams come true within your budget - and perhaps saving you from costly mistakes - a consultant will save you time. With today’s hectic lifestyle, many bridal couples and their families do not have the time for the detailed planning and work a beautiful wedding requires. A professional consultant, working with you, can handle the details, allowing you the freedom to do what you want to do. 
Do you charge for an initial meeting?
No. All initial consultations are complimentary. During the initial consultation we will discuss your wedding day vision and get to know each other to determine if we are a good fit for one another. Initial consultations typically last 1 hour by appointment only.
Do you accept commissions, kickbacks or professional discounts from any vendors you refer?
Absolutely not! Under no circumstances will we accept any commissions or kickbacks from any vendors that we refer to you. As a professional wedding consultant, it is my job to refer the best wedding vendors to you based upon our research and experience with the vendors. Accepting commissions or kickbacks is not in the best interest of our clients and any “discounts” that are given by the vendors are passed directly on to you. 
Reasons for hiring a planner   
1.  A planner saves you time and money.  We will help you get the most out of your investment from start to finish.   
2.  We eliminate the stress and time involved in planning your meeting by becoming your own personal Event/Meeting Planning Specialist. Think of us as your partner, your single resource for Event Success!  
3.  A Planner simplifies the entire planning process.  We have high standards and even higher expectations. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge enable us to combine the perfect local resources to provide you with the best pricing, services and results for your event. We can find the perfect solution for your day. We think of the details you might otherwise miss.  
4.  Most Importantly… We want you to have fun at your own event! You should be able to relax and enjoy rave reviews from all of your guests for putting together such an amazing program! We know that unforeseen ‘opportunities’ can arise even within the most well planned event – this is where we really shine! Working well under pressure no matter what challenges a rise – weather, transportation breakdowns, late deliveries …it can happen…and we can handle it!  
I'm stuck on deciding to have balloons or flowers at my wedding.  We love them both but are unsure, what do you think?Although we have seen beautiful balloon displays at weddings and even did a couple ourselves at our clients request, however, we do not recommend them.  Your wedding requires an elegant feel and look and to be quite frank, balloons down play that feel and look of the elegant nature.  If you do decide to do  them, go to Balloon Masters or somewhere similar.   
Do you provide rental items? and what about an isle runner?Yes, we rent chair covers, sashes, table linen, centerpieces, pedestals,  vases, and many more items.   We do not rent isle runners but we sell them (if they are in stock).  
Do you provide uplighting?Yes, we can provide various types of lighting effects to add to the ambiance of any event!