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10 Top Reasons Why YOU Do Need A Wedding Planner
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The Planner's Corner

10 Top Reasons Why YOU Do Need A Wedding Planner

Top 10 Reasons Why You DO Need a Wedding Planner

1. Peace of mind: No one wants to be stressed out on their big day. Let someone else deal with the last minute details. As we say at Above & Beyond, let us make you a guest at your own wedding!
2. Networking relationships with vendors: Experienced planners in the wedding industry will have great contacts. Utilizing these connections through them will not only give you great deals and room left in your budget, but great advice right from the experts!
3. Problem solvers, built to solve emergencies: Leave the emergencies to the experts. Wedding planners are known problems solvers. Not only are they built to solve those last minute emergencies, but they excel at it. Don’t leave any room for stress on the day of your event!
4. Help with creative ideas/fine details: Not so creative yourself? Wedding planners are more than just great with details. After years of experience in décor, they can provide you with solutions and ideas to make your wedding day unique and special.
5. Help save money: Wait, what?! Spending money on a wedding planner can help you save money?! Yes, they can!  Wedding planners are great at planning within a budget. Not only that, but the experts are great at brainstorming cheap ways to make your day look perfect! Utilizing their connections with vendors and expertise in décor, you may find you have room leftover in your budget!
6. Be a guest at your own event: This is our motto at Above & Beyond, and we mean it! Hiring a wedding planner allows you to focus on the important aspect of the day, enjoying time with friends and family! Let the wedding planner figure out the small last minute details, while you enjoy your special day stress-free!
7. Impartial voice of reason: Let someone with an outside opinion, and no bias, help plan your day! A wedding planner is able to take a step back, and ensure that not only is every detail covered, but that everyone is maintaining focus on the big picture and not stressing over the not-so-important small details.
8. Keep your family/friends from trying to run your special day: Keep control over your special day! By using a wedding planner as a buffer, you are able to stop your over-bearing family and friends from trying to make your special day about them. A wedding planner can keep the cool between the family by offering suggestions as the impartial voice of reason (mentioned above).
9. Professionalism and agreement: By relinquishing your duties to the wedding planner, they can ensure that every aspect of your wedding is professional and perfect. The agreement that you sign will be able to outline every detail for them to take charge of, again ensuring professionalism all the way through!
10. No surprises! Your wedding planner will have an amazing attention to detail. Your agreement will be followed, and there will be no surprises the day of your wedding! Everything will run seamlessly, and you won’t have to stress on the small details, knowing that your wedding planner will take care of it all!
Leave it to the pros!