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The Planner's Corner

Holiday Tips

Holiday Table Decor Tip

Need to add something extra to your holiday table setting?  What about chargers?
Charges (or service plates) makes a great addition to your table setting.  They come in a variety of metallic and plastic colors.  Depending on your color scheme a metallic would finish would add a sparkle to your decor.   It will add just the right touch to your table setting.  Typically you would place your dinner plate to the charger during the first course.  The charger plate is removed and replaced with the main entree. 
This large plate, usually about 12” in diameter, serves as an underplate for the plate or bowl holding the first course. The first course is brought to the table and set on the service plate. When the first course is cleared, the service plate remains until the plate holding the entrée is served, at which point the service plate is exchanged for the entrée plate.

Holiday Tips While Visiting Family

Visiting during the holidays is a great time to catch up and see family or friends that you have not seen in a while.  The holidays are always great times to create new memories, restore old friendship and begin new traditions.  While you are visiting your family or friends, keep these few tips in mind:
1. When visiting family or friends keep your visit short.  The rule of thumb is three nights.  Let the hostess know well in advance how long you intend to stay.
2. When family get together its time for everyone to get into your business.  In an event to avoid “sharing” your personal matters with family, just redirect the question or change the subject.  No need to get upset no matter how rude the person insist on being.   Give them a complement on their dress or shoes.  This will allow them to talk about themselves and will allow you to walk away. 
3. Depending on the hostess, offer assistance in cleaning up after dinner has been served.  A great idea would be to do a specific job such as sweeping the floor or washing the dishes or even removing the plates from the dinner table.
4. Everyone loves being surprised with a gift, so consider taking a gift with you when you go to someone else’s house for dinner.   This can be dessert, wine or something personal.
5.If the hostess declines the offer then let it go and move on.  Just don’t take it personal, as some people don’t like guests in their kitchen.